Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sandy and Dillo's Jamaican Retreat

Greetings from both of us here at Sandy's by the Sea. We thank you for visiting and we are looking forward to hosting you on your vacation stay.

What you will find here is a step into the Jamaican culture, not an all inclusive hotel with people from your own countries. But living a life as we do each day in our little fishing/farming village that progress has not touched. A place where the day to day life is so very different than your own. A place to learn a new culture and if so desired, expand your spirituality. You each will leave with something different. But be assured that you will leave healthier than you arrived!

Our food is organic and for the most part, grown by us or local farmers. No fertilizers, no chemicals. We have many fruit trees, akee trees, fig trees, almond trees, and mango and papaya, bananna, plaintain... the list goes on and on!

We catch all of our own fish, lobster and crab. Fresh catch of the day means just that! Caught in the mornings and served to you before the sun goes down. We prepare this food in the Jamaican style that is native to this country and will blow your mind. Past guests are repeat guests for this reason and they all love the quiet , laid back life that is lived here in our little village.

You are close to Negril and the hustle and bustle of all that a tourist town attracts. A day trip by boat or by car is your choice. Many love to go and walk the seven mile beach, do abit of shopping and return home by boat for dinner and sunset. All enjoy themselves and say the same thing upon returning, we are so glad we are here in the quiet of the Retreat. There are so many day trips you can take to experience more of the islands treasures. We can set up anything you desire, just ask!

Once we meet you at the airport with our driver Carlos (extra charge) you will be taken care of in every way! We stop and help you with the money exchange ( please don't do this at the airport, the rate is low!) and explain to you how it works. We will stop at a shopping center for "snacks" that you might desire for your between meal snacking. Either Sandy or Dillo meets you at the airport and we are with you until you say you feel confident (or not) to go and do your own thing. This is a small retreat, we have the time to go that extra mile for you!

We look forward to hosting you and sharing the culture of our lives here , on the island that is, Jamaica.
Remember, this is your vacation. Just tell us what you expect and watch it manifest. We are here to make lasting memories in your lives.

You are a stones throw from the beach. Let the sound of the waves lull you into deep sleep and relax...we are taking care of all of your needs.

One love,
Sandy and Dillo